Monday, March 7, 2011

You Know You Have a Fast Car When...

...your fuel pump has a fuel pump. has a 2-stage rocket engine setup that could easily handle a launch into space. can break the sound barrier. outruns bullets.

It looks like what you might imagine- a 45ft rocket car. The car is expected to soar past the sound barrier at a blistering 1,050 mph. For those of you calculating at home, thats over 5 football fields per second. Its fuel pump is a Formula 1 race car engine which pumps a ton of fuel into the rocket in 20 seconds. The car is on schedule to shoot across the Hakskeen Pan, Northern Cape, in South Africa in 2013.  If it reaches full speed it will also break the low altitude air speed record currently set at 994mph.  

New fuel pump? That'll set you back about $450,000.00.

Video after the break.

Source: WSJ

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