Friday, March 4, 2011

Louisville vs Providence 3-2-11

VillenHD has done it again.  PK and George Good's senior night.  This one hits the soft spot a little bit. It's been a great run fellas. I feel like PK's leadership has rubbed off quite a bit on our younger guys.

You can definitely tell that PS3 is taking it to heart.  His development throughout this season has been sensational.  The "pass first, second, third, shoot fourth" mentality that PK lives by is going to be the perfect take-away for our young team going into next year.  This is the key to capitalizing on such a young, talented freshman class.  The PK legacy will live on, hopefully preventing any Sosa-type players for the next few classes.

And by the way,  how did VillenHD get the game in HD and I didn't? Oh well... rub it in my face by watching it in HD, fullscreen.

Source: Youtube

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