Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NCAA tournament on Android

Just sitting here at KFC enjoying the live feed from ncaa.com on my dell streak.  No separate app needed because of flash on board. I <3 Android. (it is an HD feed so a good data connection is a plus.)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mario With Real Sound

This is amazing. I can't explain why. It just is.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Google Maps Navigation Now Routes Around Heavy Traffic

I've always been a fan of the official apps published by Google.  Navigation is no exception.  Although it's still technically in beta, I use it as my primary GPS when traveling.  Now Google has added a feature that automatically routes you around heavy traffic.

Google's routing algorithms [already in use in their current traffic layer of Google Maps,] route you around heavy traffic based on historical traffic trends as well as current traffic. Current traffic conditions are calculated by using data collected from Google Maps users that have GPS enabled.  Your average speed is used to calculate traffic density.  Before you privacy buffs freak out and scream from the top of a mountain: "OMG GOOGLE KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE", users often fly through those pesky Terms and Conditions the first time Maps opens.  That's where Google gets consent from the user for anonymous collection of data.

Monday, March 7, 2011

You Know You Have a Fast Car When...

...your fuel pump has a fuel pump.
...it has a 2-stage rocket engine setup that could easily handle a launch into space.
...it can break the sound barrier.
...it outruns bullets.

It looks like what you might imagine- a 45ft rocket car. The car is expected to soar past the sound barrier at a blistering 1,050 mph. For those of you calculating at home, thats over 5 football fields per second. Its fuel pump is a Formula 1 race car engine which pumps a ton of fuel into the rocket in 20 seconds. The car is on schedule to shoot across the Hakskeen Pan, Northern Cape, in South Africa in 2013.  If it reaches full speed it will also break the low altitude air speed record currently set at 994mph.  

New fuel pump? That'll set you back about $450,000.00.

Video after the break.

The Moon, Shown Actual Size (Almost)

Here is a picture of the moon unlike any you've ever seen.  It's 576 mega pixels (24000x24000 pixels).  The resolution is so fine, that you can see the foot prints of astronauts worn into the lunar soil from past landings.  It ends up being about 2ft/pixel.  If you want the whole thing, free up 549MB of space on your hard drive and click here. Smaller version of the image after the break.


"Hey I got a lot on my plate, man. I'm learning to use the toilet, I'm learning what shapes are.  I spent half an hour laughing at my own feet yesterday."

-Stewie Griffin

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness Invades Your iOS Device

CBS is bringing every game in the tournament to iOS devices as well as the normal website.  All games are going to be in HD (sorry Android users.) However, I would expect the games to be available to Playon Media Server users.

Playon is a media server that runs on your home PC, (sorry Mac users) that streams content from many sources including CBS's site, to many clients including Android devices.  It does have a fee ($40/yr for the first year- $20/year after that, or $80 one time fee.) Although, there is a 14-day trial which just might stretch long enough to catch most of the games you want to see.  The newly released Playon app for Android even allows streaming over 3G. I've been using Playon all season long for watching Netflix content and Basketball games on ESPN3.

Press release after the break.

Valid Point

Your move, media.

Source: i-am-bored

Louisville vs Providence 3-2-11

VillenHD has done it again.  PK and George Good's senior night.  This one hits the soft spot a little bit. It's been a great run fellas. I feel like PK's leadership has rubbed off quite a bit on our younger guys.

You can definitely tell that PS3 is taking it to heart.  His development throughout this season has been sensational.  The "pass first, second, third, shoot fourth" mentality that PK lives by is going to be the perfect take-away for our young team going into next year.  This is the key to capitalizing on such a young, talented freshman class.  The PK legacy will live on, hopefully preventing any Sosa-type players for the next few classes.

And by the way,  how did VillenHD get the game in HD and I didn't? Oh well... rub it in my face by watching it in HD, fullscreen.

Goggle Intro's "Open Now" Feature on Mobile

I find it frustrating trying to find reliable business hours when searching google.  Google has skipped that problem altogether with the open now feature.  You can now search for business who are only open at the time of searching.  This is especially helpful if you are in an unfamiliar area or searching for a place to eat on a weekend, a time when odd hours are more common.

Pics and source after the break.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Hero] Ted Gundy Gets His Black Cap

86 year old Ted Gundy is a veteran of WWII.  He was a sniper then and he is a sniper now.  Watch him send a 3-shot, 5" cluster 1000yds with the AMUs Custom Remington 700 (a feat described as impossible by fellow Black Cap soldiers.) He is even given a replica of the 1903 A4 by Shooting USA and Navy Arms, the same gun he used while in service.  Video after the break.

Ricks Praise

"Sometimes you miss coaching players like this and they kind of restore your faith in everything you believe in as a coach, this team. It was wonderful to coach them this year. I owe them a great debt of thanks because it was a really wonderful, wonderful season."

-Rick Pitino on this years Louisville basketball team

Published from my Dell Streak

Cross Eyed Space Station

Remember when you were a kid and you looked at those books with the pretty patterns on each page where you crossed your eyes to reveal a 3D image? Well here's the same concept applied to a video of the ISS with docked space shuttle Discovery.  Its taken from earth (somewhere in Germany) and you can acctually see the Space Station in 3D using your normal old shitty 8 year old monitor. Dust off your monitor, cross your eyes and go full screen after the break.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The iPad 2 and Why I Don't Want One

First off, let's get one thing straight. I am an Android fan[boi?].  I like the openness of the platform, I like customizing the hardware and software that I have paid for in full.  I feel like if I purchase a product from a company, I should be able to do anything I want with it.  I like the interface, look and feel of the Android UI's (all recent versions).  So of course I'm going to be focusing most of my thoughts on the Honeycomb vs iPad 2 debate.

TiPb posted this nice little chart comparing the iPad 2 to the other current tablet offerings.  I was impressed with the first iPad simply because it was the first major player in the tablet market.  I liked the novelty of the iPad's form factor.  But I still couldn't find myself to see beyond the fact that it was still constrained to the iOS platform, a closed platform.

Mmy thoughts on the iPad 2 after the break.