Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Reuse Limited-Use Online Coupons

When shopping online, one would be a fool not to check for any online coupons applicable to the site you are buying from. There are often many coupons to choose from (especially for pizza restaurants).  But most of these have a usage limit.  For instance, when ordering from, most coupons have a limited use of 2 times.

On, I've found that simply changing the name, email, and/or phone number allows you to reuse the coupon even if delivering to the same address.  Every site handles the usage count differently so your mileage may vary, but It's worth a shot if you are scrapped for cash. Don't forget about, the site that gives you an email address (and inbox) for ten minutes (or more if you need it), and then deletes the account after use.  This can be useful for sites requiring "click-through confirmation" of a link they email you.  This may come in handy when cheating at online coupons [and avoiding spam].


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